Asennery – Everyone deserves their hero

Asenne ry is a registered non-profit association founded in 2019, whose main purpose is to help people be as independent as possible in their daily lives with equal opportunities.

We reuse and repair hobby equipment, pay hobby fees and provide everyday help to families in many different forms, such as Christmas aid, as well as aiding in acute cases where the bureaucracy of existing services is too slow or burdensome.

The association operates mainly in Southern Finland and is based in Forssa.

The association’s premises in Forssa serve as a meeting place for peers, as a youth centre and as a community-building base where people can participate in workshops and the association’s activities or carry out their community service and work placement, among other things.

At the heart of the association’s activities are low-threshold meetings and recreational activities relating to motor sports, music and martial arts. We emphasise the importance of professionalism when helping others and act as a channel of communication between young people and the police, for example.

We also organise moped meets and various goodwill activities.

The association’s operations are made possible by volunteer work, support from companies and similar organisations, the sale of our products and donations from private individuals. Please note that our association doesn’t sell anything by phone.

The association already has a vast customer base and a lot of time is spent on communications alone on a voluntary basis.

The maintenance costs of the association’s premises is paid by CANPACK Finland Oy at least for 2021–2024!

Our partners include, among others, the Probation Service of Finland, child welfare services, social welfare services and educational institutions.

Asenne ry,

Business ID 3087839-1

Saksankatu 2

30100 Forssa